April 20, 2024 12:10 pm

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Over 850,000 signatures turned in for No State Income Tax and Repeal of Capital Gains Tax initiatives

TUMWATER—Citizen’s action group, Let’s Go Washington, turned in to the Washington State Secretary of State’s Office on Thursday over 850,000 signatures for another two statewide initiatives for a total of five so far of its goal of six by December 28, 2023.

Taken in front of the Secretary of State’s Office in Tumwater on December 21, 2023. SOURCE: Brian Heywood.

Initiative 2111, No State Income Tax, garnered an incredible 439,000 signatures, and 420,000 signatures were collected for I-2109, Repeal the Capital Gains Tax. The remaining initiative yet to be turned in is I-2124: Opt Out Of State-Run Long Term Care Coverage Act.

Statewide income tax has been rejected ten times in Washington state. SOURCE: Brian Heywood.

Let’s Go Washington, led by the new political powerbroker Brian Heywood, turned in more than 400,000 signatures for I-2113 on December 14, to restore authority to police officers to reasonably pursue suspicious person who have violated the law.

On December 12, 423,399 signatures were turned in to the Secretary of State’s Office for Initiative 2081, that if enacted into law, will establish Washington state’s first Parental Bill of Rights. This was preceded by the submission of I-2117 with 418,399 to repeal provisions of the Washington Climate Commitment Act, also known as Cap-and-Invest, passed by the legislature in 2021.

Brian Heywood dropping off signed initiatives at the Secretary of State’s Office in Tumwater on December 21, 2023. SOURCE: Brian Heywood.

A source from Let’s Go Washington informed the Lynnwood Times that in addition to the over 850,000 signatures for the two initiatives they are turning in today, the group will be turning in tens of thousands of additional signatures for the four initiatives it submitted earlier in the year.  As of December 20, a total of 2,588,520 signatures have been collected, according to the Let’s Go Washington website.

Upon the successful completion of signature validation, the Secretary of State’s Office will certify the initiatives for the Legislature in its 2024 session to take one of the following actions:

  • Adopt the initiative as proposed resulting in it becoming law without a vote of the people;
  • Reject or refuse to act on the proposed initiative resulting in it being placed on the November 5, 2023, General Election ballot; or
  • Propose a different measure dealing with the same subject where both measures will be placed on the November 5, 2023, General Election ballot.

Residents can sign any or all petitions at one of over 150 locations across the state. In Snohomish County, those locations are the following:

  • Family Policy Institute, 16108 Ash Way #107, Lynnwood, WA, 425-608-0242
  • Pulse for Health, North Kelsey Street, Monroe, WA
  • Sound Loan, Wetmore Ave, Everett, WA

The team at Let’s Go Washington are confident they will get all six statewide initiatives on the November ballot saying that these issues are popular with Washingtonians. The group’s goal to turn in signatures for the last remaining initiative is December 28, 2023.


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