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VEG Lynnwood opens to provide 24/7 emergency care for pets

LYNNWOODVeterinary Emergency Group (VEG), a 24/7 veterinary emergency center opened its latest hospital in Lynnwood on Friday, January 12, at 4725 196th Street SW in the Fred Meyer Shopping Center. VEG also allows “pet parents” to stay with their pet through all stages of treatment, including surgery and overnight hospitalization.

“If it can fit through the door, we can make it happen,” said Nina Griffin, Medical Director for the Lynnwood location.

VEG Lynnwood
The open floor plan at VEG Lynnwood where all are welcomed. Lynnwood Times | Mario Lotmore.

VEG Lynnwood provides services for chickens, cats, dogs, rabbits, small animals, and exotic pets. The facility isn’t equipped to handle large animals such as horses but up to three veterinarians are on staff to handle any situation, big or small.

Currently, VEG Lynnwood has a staff, or as they call it a doctor team, of 35 that operates in three shifts of up to three doctors and nine support staff. The doctor team will provide families in the Lynnwood area and neighboring cities with 24/7, including holidays, emergency care in veterinary medicine, including surgeries, ultrasounds, x-rays and more.

VEG Lynnwood
The x-ray room VEG Lynnwood. Lynnwood Times | Mario Lotmore.

“No other ERs operate like this in veterinary medicine,” Griffin told the Lynnwood Times. “It all started with our CEO who had this vision of an open concept and keeping people with their pet together the whole time. This was based on his experience watching the treatment of a human doctor with a parent and infant.”

The hospital has an open floor plan that provides transparency for pet parents to see the effort and care of doctor teams for pet patients. When a pet’s parent calls VEG Lynnwood, they speak immediately with a licensed veterinarian. After being greeted at the door, a triage begins as soon as they walk in, even before filling out paperwork. Digital check-ins are available, so all services are ready to go upon arrival.

VEG Lynnwood
The sterilized surgery room at VEG Lynnwood. Lynnwood Times | Mario Lotmore.

The receptionist will call “new triage” upon entry, and within 60 seconds (VEG’s goal) the pet patient is weighed and seated at one of their many benches lining the perimeter of the open space. For more stimulated sensitive pets, one of five private exam rooms are available.

After the doctor performs a full exam and recommendation, the pet parent can then agree to diagnostics. Blood work, surgeries, and x-rays can be performed onsite. A doctor reviews every course of treatment with the pet parent.

VEG Lynnwood
The doctor team at VEG Lynnwood ready to care for your pet. Lynnwood Times | Mario Lotmore.

VEG also has “sleeper couches” for pet owners, equipped with bed sheets and pillows, to stay with their pets for overnight hospitalization.  

“When a pet parent walks into VEG, they will immediately feel they have finally found a place that will provide their family and pet the best emergency veterinary experience that exists,” said Dr. David Bessler, VEG founder and CEO. “Upon entering VEG, pet parents will feel a sigh of relief and comfort, as they are greeted with a friendly smile, empathetic attitude, and luxury comforts for them, and their pet.” 

VEG Lynnwood
Exterior of VEG Lynnwood where all are welcomed. Lynnwood Times | Mario Lotmore.

There are three VEG hospitals in Washington state—Seattle, Redmond, and now Lynnwood. To speak with a doctor or to find out more information about VEG Lynnwood call 425-329-7170 or visit

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