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Garden Senior Village project and purchase of open space land is a go

LYNNWOOD—The City council approves a development agreement with Garden Senior Village, reallocated ARPA funds to the police department, entered into a Purchase and Sale Agreement of $750,000, and postponed a hearing request for a performance audit until March 11, at its Business Meeting on Monday, February 26.

Garden Village
Snapshot from livestream of meeting on February 26, 2024. SOURCE: City of Lynnwood.

The council also authorize $9.3 million in contracts for the Mayor Christine Frizzell to sign and approve $3.4 million in payment vouchers listed in its consent agenda:

  • Council approved payment vouchers of $1,944,081.23 in claims and $1,496,527.82 in payroll.
  • Authorized Mayor Frizzell or her designee to a contract with OMA Construction, Inc. of Maple Valley WA for construction services related to the 204th St SW Improvements & College Place Improvements Project, in an amount not to exceed $2,491,972 with an additional $250,000 contingency for a total amount of $2,741,972.
  • Authorized additional construction contract authority for the Traffic Signal Rebuild Project contract with Award Construction Inc. of Ferndale, WA, increasing the previously approved contract value of $1,269,535 to a new not to exceed total contract value of $1,419,535.
  • Authorized an additional construction contract authority for the 188th St. SW Floodwall project contract with Interwest Construction Inc. of Burlington, WA, increasing the previously approved contract value of $765,532 to a new not to exceed total contract value of $862,033.55.
  • Authorized the Mayor Frizzell to enter into and execute on behalf of the City, a contract supplement of $200,000 with KPG Psomas Inc. for construction management support services related to the Construction Management Support On-Call, in an amount not to exceed a total contract value of $500,000.
  • Authorized the Mayor Frizzell to enter into and execute on behalf of the City, a construction contract with OMA Construction, Inc. of Maple Valley, Washington for the construction of the Scriber Lake Park Boardwalk project, in an amount not to exceed $3,771,819; sales tax included.
  • Authorized Mayor Frizzell or her designee to approve, coordinate, and/or execute contracts with the Lynnwood Event Center utilizing two, one-half (1/2) City Use Days provided for in the interlocal agreement with the Lynnwood Public Facilities District for the State of the City Address event on Wednesday, March 6, 2024, and a Community Open House on Thursday, June 13, 2024.

Lynnwood Mayor Christine Frizzell addressed the incident of an assault on February 25 near Alderwood Mall that led to a police chase transpiring in a shootout near the 36th Avenue I-5 onramp.

“Last evening there was a deeply concerning incident that occurred in our city, one that is deeply impactful, for our Lynnwood Police Department Officers and for our community,” said Mayor Frizzell. “I’m beyond grateful that no one was seriously injured during this incident including the juvenile pedestrians. This incident could have ended far more violently and for that I am grateful. The level of brazenness and brutality is deeply concerning, eroding the feeling of safety for our members of our community as well as our officers.”

Mayor Frizzell continued that while more police officers seem like the solution it is not the answer stating, “we cannot have an officer at every corner at every road near every building.” She then continued to state we do need more officers, especially more specialty officers in every unit, and ended by personally thanking the officers who responded to the incident.

The Lynnwood PD recently hired five new Police Officers who are working their way through the academy and should be on patrol by mid summer. The Department is still actively working to fill its remaining vacancies.

Ordinance Vote: Garden Senior Village Development Agreement

The Council unanimously approved a motion by President George Hurst and seconded by Vice President Julieta Altamirano-Crosby to authorize Mayor Frizzell, or her designee, to finalize, confirm, execute, and administer the provisions of a Development Agreement between the City and Garden Senior Village.

Garden Village
The proposed Garden Senior Village in blue. SOURCE: City of Lynnwood.

Garden Senior Village has proposed an addition to an existing senior housing complex. A development agreement is required for flexibility on density, height, and parking requirements. The Development Agreement (DA) involving the Northwest Housing Preservation Group for a project design review, is to construct a 4-story, 24,600 gross square foot attached addition for 36 new senior housing units.

The following conditions were approved as part of the design review process for the building owners:

  • Prior to permit issuance, 70 stalls must be reserved onsite for owners during the construction period
  • Prior to permit issuance, detail plans for construction phasing and tenet temporary relocation are to be provided
  • Prior to permit issuance, conduct a meeting with tenets detailing project plan, timeline, and relocation plan
  • Post permit issuance, provide an annual parking usage report

Northwest Housing Preservation Group is requesting an increase in density threshold from 134 to 158 units, an increase in the height restriction of 35 to 41 feet, and reduce the minimum parking requirement from 244 to 106 stalls.

The addition will be on the north side of the existing 122-unit building near the east entrance on 64th Avenue W. Parking for the site will be reduced from 114 to 106 spaces. All 36 new units will also be subject to the affordable housing agreement of 50% County median income. Originally new residents would need to qualify to a higher 60% County median income requirement; however, the management company reduced the threshold to 50% making the units more accessible for prospective residents.

The new building will have an elevator, two laundry rooms, and provide air conditioning during hot summer months. Fencing on the north end of the property will be moved six feet closer and will be two feet higher, which coupled with the preservation of the existing Evergreen trees, will provide privacy to neighboring homes.

To view supporting documents, click here.

Assistant Court Administrator GSO Salary Ordinance Pay Grade Change proposal.

The Council unanimously approved a request by the City’s HR Director, Annie Vandenkooy, to approve a proposal to revise the salary ordinance pay grade for the Assistant Court Administrator GSO position from an hourly salary range of $46.72 to $60.16 ($97,177.60-$125,132.80 per year) to $56.54 to $72.79 ($117,603.20 to $151,403.20).  This is equivalent to a 28% pay scale increase for the starting salary and a 21% increase for the maximum pay for the position.

“Most importantly the reason was the level of management responsibility for the position or internal equity for similar positions here currently,” Vandenkooy shared as the justification for the pay scale revision. “I also touched on the competitiveness of the compensation based on the experience needed for the position; it is hard to attract the most qualified applicants.”

Councilman Patrick Decker moved to approve the motion, 2nd by Vice President Altamirano-Crosby. An amended motion by President Hurst to include the paygrade of 621 to 623 was approved unanimously. The main motion also passed unanimously, 7-0.

To view supporting documents, click here.

Purchase and Sale Agreement: Open Space Property Acquisition

PRCA Deputy Director Sara Olson and Senior Park Planner Monica Thompson requested the Lynnwood City Council to authorize the Purchase and Sale Agreement (PSA) to acquire 4.48 acres behind 16515 62nd Avenue West in the Meadowdale neighborhood for $750,000 ($1.190 million less $440,000 donated value by property owners Peter Rodkinson and Joan Gage). The property is located adjacent to the City-owned Lund’s Gulch Open Space.

Garden Village
Location of proposed property sale to the City of Lynnwood. SOURCE: SCOPI

According to the city, this project is in alignment with the adopted plans and City’s vision to “invest in preserving and expanding parks, recreation and community programs.”

The main motion by Councilman Decker moved to approve the purchase, which was seconded by Vice President Altamirano-Crosby, was amended to include “public outdoor use” for the use of the open space. The main motion passed unanimously.

To view supporting documents, click here.

Audit Clarification Vote

The council agreed unanimously to postpone a vote for a performance audit rather than a financial audit. Prior to the postponement introduced by Councilman David Parshall, Mayor Frizzell shared that the attorney had some concerns with the parliamentary procedures surrounding a possible vote on the item.

At its final business meeting of 2023, City Council passed a motion to request the administration submit to the council for approval a list of at least three qualified audit services to complete a full financial audit of the City, the list to be presented no later than April 1, 2024.

At the Work Session on February 21, 2024, City Council discussion indicated the intent of the motion was not to put together a list of three firms who could conduct an additional financial audit, but rather a performance audit related to staffing and pay levels.

To view supporting documents, click here.

American Rescue Plan Act Allocation Review

The Council unanimously passed a motion by President Hurst and seconded by Vice President Altamirano-Crosby to reallocate $7,312 approved in ARPA funds to the Lynnwood Police Department for its gun buyback to a new graffiti remediation effort.

To view supporting documents, click here.


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