July 17, 2024 6:39 pm

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Washington Democrats back the Biden-Harris ticket

President Joe Biden sent a letter to congressional Democrats on Monday, July 8, reaffirming his commitment to winning in November and “running this race to the end.” Over the holiday weekend, WA State Democratic Chair Shasti Conrad visited the White House, where she saw both President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris speak to the administration’s success.

Shasti Conrad

In light of these recent events, Chair Shasti Conrad releases the following statement: 

Millions of voters have spoken across the country, electing Joe Biden as our presidential nominee. As president, Biden has ushered in the most robust working families agenda we’ve seen since Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal. Unemployment is at its lowest and the U.S. economy is at its strongest

In contrast, Donald Trump is a convicted felon and wannabe dictator. Trump’s policy platform, Project 2025, is a dystopian fascist playbook that would criminalize reproductive care, gut federal agencies and social programs working families rely on, and prosecute political opponents. 

This election our democracy and freedom are on the line. Washingtonians and folks across the country know this. It’s why over the last week we’ve seen grassroots organizers, labor, and community leaders unite to show their support for a Biden-Harris ticket – because we know this is how we defeat fascism and continue to build a movement for working families, small businesses, and safer communities. 

“As the youngest person to hold this job in our state and the first South Asian woman to lead any State Party in the history of our country, I couldn’t be more proud to lead our delegation at the upcoming Democratic National Convention. I’ve seen the energy and momentum with my own eyes and this November, we will vote for Democrats up and down the ballot no matter what!”

Shasti Conrad
Washington State Democratic Party Chair

Shasti Conrad
Shasti Conrad

Shasti Conrad was elected as our Chair in January 2023 and is the first woman of color and youngest chair of the Washington State Democrats. Previously, Shasti was the Chair of the King County Democrats from 2018-2022.

She launched her own consulting firm in 2016 to support government, campaign, and business clients. She was named to the American Association of Political Consultants’ 40 under 40 list and Seattle Met’s 100 Most Influential List (top 10 in politicos category).

Shasti served President Barack Obama as a senior staff assistant in the White House, and a briefings manager on the 2012 campaign. She was an intern in the White House Office of Urban Affairs and as travelling advance staff for then-Vice President Joe Biden.

Shasti received her B.A. in Sociology and International Studies with Honors from Seattle University, and her master’s in public Affairs and International Development at Princeton University in 2015.

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