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K-9 Officer Jedi killed during pursuit

K-9 Officer Jedi

UPDATE [2:33 p.m. January 8, 2022]: Added Jedi’s memorial service information. SEATTLE, Wash., January 7, 2022 – Police K-9 Officer Jedi of the Seattle Police Department (SPD) was tragically killed during a struggle with a burglary suspect on Wednesday, Jan 5. The SPD’s official report states that the K-9 team responded to a burglary in […]

Commentary: Culp statement on Defunding the Seattle Police Department

Loren Culp

By Loren Culp | Commentary It used to be that law and order was embraced by elected public servants, but from the governor on down, we see the exact opposite happening with democrats. Inslee locked down law-abiding citizens, then turned loose 5,000 felons from state prisons. Many whom have already reoffended. He is having departments […]

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