May 25, 2024 1:11 pm

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2020 Year in Review: Lifestyles

2020 Year in Review

By Noel Pai-Young | Lynnwood Times Staff Snohomish County residents demonstrated incredible resilience in 2020.  From the COVID pandemic to the 2020 election fiasco, 2020 will go down as a turning point in human history. For the first time in generations, every person on our little blue ocean we call earth asked, “Is this the […]

Community says goodbye to Kona Kitchen owner Elizabeth Mar

by Kirsten Johnson When customers come to Kona Kitchen, they are made to feel at home — a characteristic of the restaurant historically attributed to the late owner Elizabeth Mar. “She was full of life, energetic, smiling and she helped create this sense of community at Kona Kitchen that was a home away from home,” […]

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