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Everett Councilwoman storms out of chamber after failed leadership attempt

liz vogeli

EVERETT, Wash., January 5, 2023—Everett City Councilwoman Liz Vogeli packed her bag and abruptly left 30 minutes into yesterday’s 84-minute Everett City Council meeting. Approximately 14 minutes earlier both Councilwomen Paula Rhyne, District 2, and Brenda Stonecipher, Member-at-Large, were nominated for Council President / Mayor Pro Tempore for 2023. Councilwoman Stonecipher was nominated by councilmembers Ben […]

Election 2021: Winners, losers, and too close to call

2021 general election

ARTICLE UPDATES 7:15 PM Nov 9, 2021: Updated results and added statements from Gary Petershagen, Will Chen, and John Kartak. LT calls election for Gary Petershagen and Shirley Sutton. County has counted 181,510 ballots to a total return of 185,228 ballots. 8:00 PM Nov 5, 2021: Updated results and added statement from Joshua Binda. Lynnwood […]

2021 Primary Election results

Snohomish County primary

🚨UPDATE 5 p.m. Aug 12 🚨Current Turnout: 26.77% up from 26.73% the previous day. Expected county turnout is 28%. Lynnwood turnout is 28.32%. All results are current as of posted update. The next update is set for 5 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 13. 🚨UPDATE 5 p.m. Aug 12 🚨 Today, Garth Fell, Snohomish County Auditor, confirmed […]

2021 Election Season kicks off

snohomish county elections

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, Wash., May 22, 2021 – Friday was the filing deadline for citizens to participate in the political system here in Washington state kicking off the 2021 election season. The last day for candidates to withdraw from the ballot is 5 p.m. May 24. For a full timeline of key dates, click here. Only […]

Forging partnerships: Cannabis in the community

Cannabis in Snohomish County

By Josh Estes, Pacific NW Regional Strategies, LLC  |  Commentary Snohomish County, Wash., – Whether or not you are a qualifying patient or customer that enjoys cannabis, there is no denying that the plant carries a stigma in many communities. This stigma, which seems to be rooted in the perception of yesteryear does not adequately […]

Everett protest demands coronavirus protection for homeless

By: Erin Freeman | Lynnwood Times Staff EVERETT, Wash. – A group of protesters gathered outside of the Wall Street Building on Wednesday, August 5 to stand in solidarity with the unsheltered community during the coronavirus pandemic.  Protesting that people experiencing homelessness have access to a specific area to shelter in place during the coronavirus […]

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