July 20, 2024 8:17 pm

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Lynnwood Times’ 2023 Campsite Guide for Snohomies


With summer months and warmer weather in sight, the time at last has come to withdraw from our glum Winter and rainy Spring hibernation to experience our state’s greatest gem: its nature! Last year, around this time, the Lynnwood Times compiled a list of great hiking locations but this year we’re focusing on all things […]

Summer of Fun: Where in Snohomish County to enjoy the sun

Summer fun

SNOHOMISH COUNTY – We made it to summer Washingtonians! After months of being cooped up in our houses avoiding the particularly cold and wet Spring, cuddled up with our happy lights, and eating vitamin D pills like candy to soften the effects of Seasonal Depression Disorder, we have finally been reunited with this fabled, mythic […]

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