July 15, 2024 8:16 pm

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A parent’s worst nightmare: Alleged child molester hired as babysitter

evan root

LYNNWOOD, Wash., April 13, 2022 – New reports obtained by the Lynnwood Times show that Evan Root, 21, who was arrested for rape of a child and child molestation February 10, had allegedly groomed his 6-year-old victim for years with toys, candy, and even led the child to believe they were in a romantic relationship. […]

Accused child rapist worked at multiple Lynnwood daycares

evan root

LYNNWOOD, Wash., Feb 16, 2022 – Evan Root, who was arrested for first-degree child rape and first-degree child molestation, worked in several daycares throughout the Lynnwood area with children as young as three-years-old. Root was employed by Kindering daycare until he self-reported an ongoing CPS investigation that led to administrative leave and subsequent termination on […]

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