July 22, 2024 6:49 am

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Twitter, Meta, and the multi trillion-dollar tech industry


Elon Musk has owned Twitter for a few weeks now, but it isn’t hyperbole to call his tenure there “interesting.” Unable to back out of the $44 billion purchase, Musk quickly made the company private, fired top executives, and laid off roughly half of Twitter’s employees. However, that decisiveness has yet to show dividends, leaving […]

Pandemic Billionaire Wealth

Pandemic Billionaire

For the majority of Americans — honestly, for most people globally — the pandemic has been difficult financially: loss of employment, wage and hiring freezes, reduced hours, soaring inflation, etc. Yet somehow, the ten richest billionaires more than doubled their wealth during the pandemic. In a recent annual report from Oxfam, billionaires’ wealth grew at […]

Social Media toxicity

social media toxic

Earlier this year, Forbes wrote that Americans spent an average of 1,300 hours on social media last year. While COVID-19 certainly impacted this figure, that is still over 54 days worth of time. Regardless of the pandemic, it is undeniable that people are spending more time online. With the recent Facebook whistleblower on 60 Minutes, […]

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