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Older adults, Zip Alderwood Shuttle is your solution to transit gaps

Zip Alderwood

Many people rely on public transit for flexible, affordable, and accessible trip options. In Lynnwood, where people aged 65 and older make up more than 17% of the population, public transit serves as a vital means of transportation for older adults.  However, for some older adults, the biggest challenge in accessing transit is the first […]

Community Transit seeks public comment on continuing Zip Alderwood Shuttle

Zip Alderwood Shuttle

LYNNWOOD, Wash., August 11, 2023—Community Transit is seeking public comment on making Zip Alderwood Shuttle a regular, long-term service. The on-demand ride service, offered for the same price as a local bus trip, is nearing the end of its one-year test period. The agency is considering transitioning Zip to regular, ongoing service. Zip was launched […]

Community Transit considers making Lynnwood Zip permanent, North County on the horizon

Lynnwood Zip

EVERETT, Wash., August 3, 2023—Things are looking good for Community Transit’s Zip ride share project in Lynnwood, just a few months shy of its year-long pilot timeframe ending. As the decision to implement the pilot project as regular service approaches on October 5, Jennifer Hass, Senior Manager of Innovation for the transportation agency presented to […]

“Take a trip on the zip,” Lynnwood and Community Transit launch new ride-share service

community transit Zip

LYNNWOOD, October 19, 2022—Community Transit’s latest innovation to public transportation hits Lynnwood tomorrow with Zip Shuttle, an on-demand ride service within the Alderwood area, a shopping and dining hub, known throughout the region. Starting Thursday, Lynnwood commuters can book a trip through the GOIN’ – Rides for All app, designate a pick-up and drop-off location, […]

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