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Eyman responds to Inslee’s pact with CA and OR governors

by Tim Eyman | Press Release

Tim Eyman, Candidate for Governor condemns Jay Inslee’s economic suicide pact with California and Oregon. He proposes ending the economic and social lockdown, and putting county officials – not other states – in charge.

Bellevue, WA – April 14, 2020 – What Jay Inslee has done is appalling for numerous reasons:

He has empowered out-of-state politicians and out-of-state special interests to make enforceable decisions impacting Washington’s economy, our communities, our churches and our lives.

Inslee, Newsom, and Brown claim they are making “science-based” decisions but they’re actually flying blind and leaving a path of destruction. They’re inappropriately having medical professionals making economic decisions.
That’s like hiring a dentist to fix your transmission.

If Jay Inslee actually had the best interests of Washingtonians in mind, he would do three things:

  1. Immediately rescind his order to close down the private construction industry. This decision will prove to be economically destructive and demonstrates the complete contempt Inslee has for the private economy. The sheer absurdity of allowing government construction to proceed while shutting down residential and commercial construction has no basis in science.
  2. Limit agreements with other states to an advisory and informational role only. Politicians in other states have no business deciding the economic fate of workers, families and businesses in Washington. Such an arrangement is inherently hidden, allowing the governor and his staff to operate outside our state’s open government rules and Inslee to pass accountability on to some vague ‘compact.”
  3. Inslee should immediately transfer decision-making authority to local county officials regarding business and event closures. Elected officials closest to the voters should be the ones making the decisions that will most impact their communities, not politicians in other states.

I strongly disagree with Jay Inslee regarding:

  • The unaccountable authority he’s assumed for himself
  • His incredibly broad reading of our state’s emergency statutes
  • His unilateral decision to rescind our state’s most cherished open government laws (the right to public records and open public meetings)
  • His decisions regarding jails and gun shops

All of these show Jay Inslee’s deep misunderstanding of what the role of governor should be for Washington.

But his decision today to export his decision-making authority further away from our communities by giving power to politicians no Washington voter ever elected shows Jay Inslee doesn’t belong in the office he holds.

He’s let the power vested in him by the voters go to his head. Were it not an election year, I would be insisting he resign immediately. Instead, I demand he take the three actions listed above. And one more: for goodness sake, Jay,
reverse your idiotic, only-state-in-the-nation decision to prohibit fishing – it makes absolutely no sense.

I look forward to offering each voter a very clear choice in November: Tim Eyman, who will promote policies that lower your taxes, protect your rights, strengthen our economy and empower the voters versus Jay Inslee who unilaterally fired hundreds of thousands of low- and middle-income citizens, assaulted our state’s economy, violated our rights, and recklessly raised taxes.

I’m confident voters will choose me as governor rather than giving four more years to the dictator they have now.

For more information contact Team@Tim4Gov.com or visit Tim4Gov.com.

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  1. I just don’t get why someone isn’t questioning the Constitutionality of Inslee being in cahoots with other states. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand Article I, section 10. We are not at war!

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