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Endorsement of Naz Lashgari for Lynnwood City Council, Position 2


It is with honor and a great sense of responsibility that I support and endorse Naz Lashgari for Lynnwood City Council, Position 2.  I am endorsing Naz because of her spirit, vision and character traits – truth, integrity, and honesty; her interpersonal relationship skills – collaboration, cooperation, civility, and consensus building that make her the best candidate for the position.

During the last eight (8) years, the City of Lynnwood has undergone tremendous transformational changes: two major retail warehouse outlets opened – COSTCO and Home Depot; Alderwood Mall and Lynnwood Square are being transformed from shopping malls into a multi-level residential, entertainment and retail sites; several major high-rise apartments are being planned or are under construction; and light rail from SeaTac Airport to Lynnwood is scheduled to be operational in 2024.  Lynnwood’s residential population is projected to double during the next ten (10) years.  This residential increase is in addition to the transit population doing business and shopping at regional entities, such as Alderwood Mall and Edmonds College.

Lynnwood is no longer your father’s small town. The City of Lynnwood needs council members and other leaders, who are visionary and understand how policy decisions made today will impact the quality of life in Lynnwood for future generations. The population and infrastructure growth you are seeing in Lynnwood today cannot be stopped.  However, futuristic leaders can manage current and future growth in ways that benefit all – our seniors, like me, current, and future residents, as well as small and regional business growth and expansions.

Like all parts of this country, Lynnwood is experiencing population growth from multi-diverse and economic spheres of life, including ethnic, cultural and nationality diversity, migration and immigration diversity, and socioeconomic stratifications, such as income, race, education, gender, and occupation.  In order for Lynnwood to continue on its journey as a “Welcoming City, it must continue on the path of appreciating and valuing the strength of diversity.  We need city council members – legislative leaders who value and understand the strength of a city that has diversity woven into the fabric of Lynnwood’s residential population.

Naz Lashgari has the vision, knowledge, understanding, passion, and leadership qualities to help propel us forward into the future.  I humbly request and urge you join me in voting for Naz Lashgari for Lynnwood City Council, Position 2.

Wally Webster II, Lynnwood

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