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Mukilteo and Snohomish students among Annual High School Art Show winners

49th Annual High School Art Show

OLYMPIA, Wash., May 27, 2022 — Over the past year, high school artists across Washington state have channeled their emotions into their art, and today, the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) honored some of their work at the 49th Annual Superintendent’s High School Art Show.

“Congratulations to all of the artists who were recognized today,” said Superintendent Reykdal. “It is always so powerful to see our students express themselves in this way, and their thoughtful approaches remind us of art’s power to grow our students’ creativity, collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills.”

Mount Vernon High School’s music program provided two mariachi performances, and Port Angeles High School contributed a student’s video feature on a local restaurant.

The show, hosted by Superintendent of Public Instruction Chris Reykdal and streamed on social media by OSPI, celebrated the work of young artists from Quilcene to Mead, and all points in between. Kamiak High School student Toko Kameda for her piece ”Escapism,” and Glacier Peak High School student Samantha Kotulak for her piece “Genderfluid,” were among 17 other winners across Washington state.

Annual High School Art Show
Artist’s Name: Samantha Kotulak
Title: Genderfluid
Medium: Photography (digital)
Teacher: Christa Mallory
School/District: Glacier Peak High School/Snohomish
Samantha Kotulak
Samantha Kotulak

“It is a representation of my experiences as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. I am no stranger to the harsh treatment we face from those who do not support the LGBTQ+ community, student artist Kotulak said in her video statement for the Superintendent’s 49th Annual Art Show. “I wanted to reflect on the pain that comes from mistreatment through the use of the tears and dark background shown in the photograph.

“While the life of an LGBTQ+ person is difficult, I want to also show the beauty that comes with living as your true self through the vibrant colors present in the picture.”

Kameda, who was recently announced as the Second District winner of the 2022 Congressional Art Competition with her piece, “Double-layered,” shared that her new piece, “Escapism,” conveys the complex difficulties in expressing one’s facial emotion during the pandemic.

Annual High School Art Show
Artist’s Name: Toko Kameda
Title: Escapism
Medium: Watercolor
Dimensions: 9 x 6
Teacher: Emily Palmitere
School/District: Kamiak High School/Mukilteo
Toko Kameda
Toko Kameda

“My art piece is everything about trying to express my emotions,” Kameda shared. “I am a quiet person and don’t show much facial expressions when I am around people.  So, the pandemic and the face coverings, I think, made it extra harder for other people to get a sense of what I’m thinking each day.”

The Superintendent’s High School Art Show is the final stop in a process that begins in classrooms across the state. Artwork is sent to the regional educational service district (ESD) level for regional judging and awarding before being sent forward to the state level.

Each award recipient will receive $200 along with a special glass trophy designed and made by students with Hilltop Artists in Tacoma and the Rochester High School Career & Technical Education program.

This past fall, high school students were invited to attend a workshop on branding produced by OSPI and the Washington Art Education Association. There, students learned about branding and logos and then developed concepts for a new brand to be unveiled during the 50th Annual Superintendent’s High School Art Show in Spring 2023.

Their concepts were adapted to three new brand identities for the show and are now being put to the public to select from. Take a look at the three brand identities and vote for your favorite. The winner will be unveiled later this fall.

Art Show Award Winners

  • Jacob Reeves “Old Capitol” | Superintendent’s Award
    Olympia High School (Teacher: Joshua Everson), Olympia SD, ESD 113
  • Margot Massey, “Georgia on My Mind” | Governor’s Choice Award
    Kamiakin High School (Teacher: Corrine Lechelt), Kamiakin SD, ESD 123
  • Isabelle Ehlis, “Botanical Refuge” | OSPI Staff Award
    A.C. Davis High School (Teacher: Carole Huls), Yakima SD, ESD 105
  • Adelyn Krone, “The Track to Ukraine” | Jurors’ Choice Award
    Avanti High School (Teacher: Cecily Schmidt), Olympia SD, ESD 113
  • Erewyn Limric, “Immigrant Stereotypes” | Jurors’ Choice Award
    Puyallup High School (Teacher: Dorrie Coleman), Puyallup SD, ESD 121
  • Toko Kameda, “Escapism” | Jurors’ Choice Award
    Kamiak High School (Teacher: Emily Palmitere), Mukilteo SD, ESD 189
  • Rachel Peterson, “Innocent Rumination” | Jurors’ Choice Award
    On Track Academy (Teacher: Erin Bangle), Spokane Public Schools, ESD 101
  • Patricia Catacutan, “The Real Me that You See” | Jurors’ Choice Award
    Ridgefield High School (Teacher: Tamara Hoodenpyl), Ridgefield SD, ESD 112
  • Teagen Bushman, “Brown Eyes” | AWSP Award
    Chiawana High School (Teacher: Felicia Jones), Pasco SD, ESD 123
  • Annaka Hansen, “Girl in the Lupine Field” | ArtsEd Washington Award
    West Valley High School (Teacher: Rose Honey), West Valley SD, ESD 101
  • Samantha Kotulak, “Genderfluid” | InspireWA Award
    Glacier Peak High School (Teacher: Christa Mallory), Snohomish SD, ESD 189
  • Leila Chavez, “Mt. Tahoma” | PESB Award
    Olympia High School (Teacher: Joshua Everson), Olympia SD, ESD 113
  • Sidney Phelps, “Anxiety” | SBE Award
    South Kitsap High School (Teacher: Donald Sandmann), South Kitsap SD, ESD 114
  • Audrey Stenger, “Star Balloons” | WAEA Award
    Vancouver School of Arts and Academics (Teacher: Crystal Zeller), Vancouver SD, ESD 112
  • Anessa Hanson, “Sunflower Meadow” | WASA Award
    Wenatchee High School (Teacher: Reed Carlson), Wenatchee SD, ESD 171
  • Moriah Von Behren, “Pride & Unity” | WEA Award
    Mt. Spokane High School (Teacher: Angelika Wilson-Kipp), Mead SD, ESD 101
  • Ella Sherin, “Traditional and Contemporary Hand Drum” | WSSDA Award
    Olympia High School (Teacher: Joshua Everson), Olympia SD, ESD 113
  • Isabelle Ehlis, “Botanical Refuge” | CWU Scholars Award
    A.C. Davis High School (Teacher: Carole Huls), Yakima SD, ESD 105
  • Claira Tuning, “Call for Help” | CWU Scholars Award
    Goldendale High School (Teacher: Scott Gray), Goldendale SD, ESD 105

Art Show Honorable Mention Award Recipients

  • Sophia Rusk, “Myna Birds” | Honorable Mention Award
    Innovation High School (Teacher: Rebecca Silva Clinard), Pride Schools, ESD 101
  • Ryan Sanchez, “Carrion” | Honorable Mention Award
    Oak Harbor High School (Teacher: Kit Christopherson), Oak Harbor SD, ESD 189
  • Fiona Whitaker, “Jewel Chest with Drawer” | Honorable Mention Award
    Olympia High School (Teacher: Katie Jahner), Olympia SD, ESD 113
  • Malia Ohira, “Solid to the Touch” | Honorable Mention Award
    Auburn Riverside High School (Teacher: Kyle Rees), Auburn SD, ESD 121

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