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Mill Creek student to attend YMCA National Advocacy Days in DC

EVERETT, Wash. February 5, 2023—Mill Creek Family YMCA Youth and Government student, Clyde Carter III, was recently selected to represent the state of Washington at YMCA National Advocacy Days in Washington, DC. Carter, along with other youth advocates, will travel to Washington, D.C., from February 12-15, 2023, to meet with elected officials to discuss issues important to the Y through a youth lens.

“We are so excited for Clyde to represent Washington state at National Advocacy Days,” said Ethan Harrington, Mill Creek Family YMCA Youth Development Coordinator. “He is a leader by example who has built connections across the country through other programs he’s involved with that will help him in this role.”

The Youth Advocate Program is a 4-month program run by Y-USA which culminates at YMCA National Advocacy Days. Leading up to the conference, Carter will collaborate with other YMCAs and craft an advocacy plan that he’ll share with his peers. This program creates opportunities for high school students to gain practical, real-world experience advocating for policy solutions that help address critical social issues in the Y’s three areas of focus: youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.

In addition to his youth advocate role, Carter is also currently serving as Lieutenant Governor for the 76th Youth Legislature, a youth and government program for Washington students to learn parliamentary procedure, write legislation, and better understand their power as citizens in a democratic society. He plans to run for Governor next year.

“Clyde absolutely loves Youth and Government and his commitment to the program keeps it growing and thriving at the Mill Creek Y,” said Harrington. “He’s been a consistent presence for many years.”

Carter also represents the state of Washington at the YMCA Conference for National Affairs (CONA) and is active at the Mill Creek Family YMCA. He has attended camp and participated in multiple programs and now works as a summer camp aide.

“Clyde is very thoughtful and wise beyond his years,” said Harrington. “He is always willing to teach newer delegates a thing or two about bill writing, debating, or chairing a committee. He really does it all. His leadership skills will shine at YMCA National Advocacy Days.”

SOURCE: YMCA of Snohomish County

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