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Mukilteo to confirm Hearing Examiner Contract and Water Quality Grants on September 18

MUKILTEO, Wash., September 16, 2023—For its Business Meeting at 6:00 p.m., Monday, September 18, the Mukilteo City Council will vote on FY-25 Water Quality grant for four projects and confirm the Mayor Joe Marine’s appointment of Alex Sidles as Hearing Examiner. This meeting will be held both in-person and can watch the live streaming of Council Meetings at www.mukilteowa.gov, Facebook Live and is also available via Zoom.

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DOE Grant Application

The Mukilteo Council will vote to authorize staff to apply for the FY-25 Water Quality grant for four projects identified in the draft 2024 Comprehensive Surface Water Plan and obligate matching funds from the Surface Water Utility.

The Surface Water Utility has identified four projects that will be included in the 2024 Comprehensive Plan (please see Exhibit 1 for CIP project sheets for the Plan). The four projects have been identified as good candidates for the Department of Ecology FY-25 water quality grant cycle. The Surface Water Utility would like to apply for $2,880,000.00 in grant funding to start working towards implementing these projects. The City would be responsible for 15% of matching funds or $432,000. The grant will be paid for the other $2,448,000 if our applications are successful. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of a lower-than-normal match amount to get projects accomplished with a minimal amount of City funds.

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Hearing Examiner Contract

The Mukilteo Council will vote to confirm the Mayor Joe Marine’s appointment of Alex Sidles as Hearing Examiner and authorize the Mayor to sign a contract with the Law Offices of Alex Sidles, PLLC to provide Hearing Examiner Services for the City of Mukilteo.

The City uses a Hearing Examiner as a quasi-judicial decision maker on some land use permits, code enforcement actions, and appeals. The firm who had previously provided these services contacted staff to say they are no longer operating and will no longer be able to provide these services to the City.

The Hearing Examiner acts as a quasi-judicial decision maker on several decisions made by the City. This includes some land use decisions (such as subdivisions), public hearings on junk vehicles, and several types of appeals. When a Hearing Examiner is involved in a project, they are responsible for setting the rules of conduct for the hearing, managing the hearing and its record with the assistance of staff and providing a written decision which provides findings and conclusions. In all cases, the Hearing Examiner is bound by the regulations and standards adopted by the City Council and does not have authority beyond what is granted by code.

Q2 Financial Update for Mukilteo City Council

The financial reports as of June 30, 2023, have been organized and enhanced to provide more context and include calculated revenue projections for the balance of 2023. The mid-point of the year is an excellent opportunity to take a comprehensive look at how the year has progressed and to project where it will end. The council will discuss the latest financials with Ana Maria Nunez, Finance Director, and David Corey, Finance Consultant.

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