July 15, 2024 8:13 am

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Big video game releases

Video Gaming

Here are a few of the big video game releases and announcements you need to know! Monster Hunter Rise Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise on the Nintendo Switch sold over 4 million units over its release weekend, hitting 5 million units shipped later that week. While some point out the previous title on the Playstation 4, […]

Many in Snohomish County lack adequate internet access

broadband access

Whether for work, school, or play, the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns have undoubtedly illustrated the growing necessity of the internet. However, many came to the realization after life was forcibly switched to ‘online-only mode’ that not everyone has reliable access to the internet. As previously reported, this is largely what motivated the Snohomish County Executive and […]

Tesla’s new touchscreen gear selector

Tesla Gear

National Highway Traffic Safety Agency reports of Tesla’s new touchscreen gear selector being in compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards has not eased concerns online. There are still many who feel uneasy with push button and dial gear selectors, so seeing the pushback against a touchscreen version isn’t surprising. On March 23, several Tweets […]

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