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First three Let’s Go Washington initiatives pass the legislature and now law

three initiatives

OLYMPIA—Three of six Let’s Go Washington landmark initiatives to the legislature passed both chambers of the Washington State Senate and House on Monday, March 4, and will become law in 90 days after the Legislature adjourns on March 7—no signature by Governor Jay Inslee is needed. The three initiatives that did not receive public hearings […]

Legislature holds hearing on initiative concerning personal income tax

income tax

OLYMPIA—The Senate Ways and Means Committee and the House Finance Committee held a joint public hearing to discuss a citizen initiative, I-2111, concerning personal income tax, in the John L. O’Brien building in Olympia Tuesday, February 27. The joint meeting was chaired by Representative April Berg (D-Mill Creek). There was a total of 181 testifiers […]

The People vs Washington State, hearing schedules released for initiatives

washington initiatives

OLYMPIA—Washington State House and Senate leaders agree to hold joint public hearings on initiatives I- 2113 (police pursuits), I-2111 (state income tax) and I-2081 (parental rights) for Tuesday, February 27 and Wednesday. February 28. Democratic leadership has confirmed that I-2117, a repeal of the Climate Commitment Act, I-2109, a repeal of the capital gains tax and I-2124, an opt-out of Washington’s long-term care retirement program will […]

After public backlash, Democrat lawmakers will hear 3 of 6 citizen initiatives


OLYMPIA—Washington State House and Senate leaders agree to hold joint public hearings on initiatives I- 2113 (police pursuits), I-2111 (state income tax) and I-2081 (parental rights) on February 27 and 28. Exact times will be confirmed later this week and the hearings will be televised live on the TVW website. “The fact Democrats in the legislature have scheduled three hearings […]

Bill to criminalize “false election” political speech introduced

political speech

OLYMPIA, Wash., January 17, 2022 – Governor Jay Inslee’s new political speech bill, SB 5843, making it a gross misdemeanor for elected officials or candidates to “willfully lie” regarding the election process and results, underwent its first reading Thursday, January 13, at the Senate level. Inslee first announced he would support this legislation at a […]

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