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New discovery at Cascadia Subduction Zone threatens to unleash 9.0 earthquake

The site was discovered during a 2015 Regional Cabled Array expedition cruise, with footage taken by the Canadian remotely operated vehicle ROPOS. When the researchers went to explore the bubble plumes, they discovered warm, chemically distinct fluid gushing from the seafloor about 50 miles off Newport, Oregon. Researchers believe this fluid comes directly from the Cascadia Subduction Zone and helps control stress buildup between the two plates. | UW (University of Washington), Deborah Kelley/University of Washington/U.S. National Science Foundation/Canadian Scientific Submersible Facility

NEWPORT, OR., April 20, 2023—Researchers at the University of Washington discovered a unique underwater spring, approximately 50 miles off the coast of Oregon, that is leaking a warm, chemically distinct, liquid from the Cascadia Subduction Zone fault. Researchers theorize this liquid acts as a sort of “tectonic lubricant” that could pose catastrophic consequences to the Pacific Northwest region if it ever fizzles out.

This underwater hole, named “Pythia’s Oasis” after the mythological oracle who prophesized with the aid of mind altering hot spring gasses, was first discovered in 2015 by UW Graduate, now White House Policy Advisor, Brendan Phillip. At the time, Phillip was tracking methane bubbles that naturally steam out of the seafloor on the edge of the continental shelf. Since this discovery, thousands of similar bubble streams have been found along the Washington-Oregon margin.

However, although similar fluid seep sites exist nearby, University of Washington researchers say the Pythia’s Oasis is the first of its kind–—a leak so significant it could be detected from the ocean’s surface. This could also explain why the northern portion of the Cascadia Subduction Zone (Washington) is believed to be more strongly locked than the southern section (Oregon), the UW continued.

“They explored in that direction and what they saw was not just methane bubbles, but water coming out of the seafloor like a firehose. That’s something that I’ve never seen, and to my knowledge has not been observed before,” said Evan Solomon, a UW associate professor of oceanography who studies seafloor geology, in the University’s press release.

A seafloor-exploring robot found the “liquid” spewing out of the hole is “almost fresh”, low in salinity, rich in minerals, and at least 16 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the surrounding sea water it leaks into. Researchers speculate it comes from the Cascadia megathrust where temperatures are an estimated 300 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

“Loss of fluid from the offshore megathrust interface through these strike-slip faults is important,” Solomon continued in the school’s statement, “because it lowers the fluid pressure between the sediment particles and hence increases the friction between the oceanic and continental plates.”

A research article, published January 25, 2023, by Science Advances, explains that the fluid pressure of Pythia’s Oasis creates less friction for ocean crust and sediment to slide passed each other but if the pressure is turned down it could cause the two plates to lock, causing pressure to build up resulting in a damaging earthquake up to a Magnitude-9 on the Richter Scale.

The University of Washington noted that researchers were not alarmed at discovering this geological feature, which does not trigger earthquakes but may regulate friction in the fault zone. The feature does not change the current risk of a large earthquake on the Cascadia Subduction Zone, the University clarified.

Elected officials throughout Snohomish County have prioritized disaster preparedness recently, with Snohomish County Dave Somers highlighting the need during his State of the County address on Tuesday, April 11.

Brandy Donaghy
Brandy Donaghy

To prepare for a large earthquake, or similar natural disasters, Washington State lawmakers passed a bill this legislative session sponsored by Representative Brandy Donaghy (D-Mill Creek), HB-1728, that creates a statewide disaster resiliency program.

The bill landed on Governor Jay Inslee’s desk on April 14, 2023, signed into law on April 20, requires the Emergency Management Division, within the Military Department, to develop and administer a statewide resiliency program that would include methods for ensuring ongoing coordination of state and local resiliency and response.

“Knowing what hazards exist is critical to creating resilient communities and saving countless lives,” said Rep. Donaghy. “We know for every dollar spent on disaster preparation and improving resilience, we save six to eight dollars in recovery costs.”

The legislation passed just two months after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake decimated Turkey and Syria claiming the lives of almost 60,000 people and leaving millions in tent cities – one of the deadliest earthquakes in that region within recent history.

Certified in FEMA’s CERT program, and a certified emergency preparedness trainer, Donaghy has held disaster preparedness a top priority of her platform since campaigning.

Recent events have only shown the necessity of being prepared with the approximately 150 major disasters in the last 60 years that have impacted Washington state including floods and wildfires that destroyed over 140,000 acres of forests last year alone.

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    1. Do not rely on authorities. Use your own common sense. Authorities have no common sense, or empathy for any one person. Their goals are by the book. I’d dig a whole first.

    1. This WILL happen. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in 500 years. Good idea to just be generally prepared for at least 2 weeks (better a month) without services (food, water, medical, etc). And life after in this region will be rebuilding for many years. If your ShakeAlert goes off, pay attention to it and get in the clear.

    2. It’s all a way for the government to control us. Just like when the cops pulled me over the other day for no front license plate. How dare I go around without their ownership displayed on MY vehicle. And even though I had a back license plate, , the cop still proceeded to steal my car and 2 guns, my journal , my purse and wallet. And countless other things. Then dropped me off 20 miles from home with nothing but my dog. It’s the way they go. Then later at court , they sneak in 3 more charges after they searched my car for weapons and found drugs that I didn’t even know about. So I go from a happy 43 yrs old never been in trouble in my life, to a 3 time felon all over a cop in a bad mood. It’s crazy out there. U have no rights. Believe that.

      1. You were pulled over for failure to display plates, and the police officer stole your guns, purse, car, ECT? He stole them as he took them to his house and is now using them? I don’t see how a 9.0 earthquake could be a way government can control you. They are telling you this because this could happen tomorrow or 500 years from now. When it does life in the Pacific and everything west of Interstate 5 may cease to exist.

    3. Sorry drama queen
      No disrespect to your faith.
      To me faith is personal so be smart and keep it out of your benign social commentary !

      Where you loss 99% of everyone when you bring religion into it. Terrible mistake

      So many people have predicted the “coming” of Jesus or “the end”.
      One comment here says the US doesn’t even exist because we aren’t mentioned in revelations… wow! No intelligence required🫤

  1. Thank you for publishing this. It helps remind me to prepare the best I can for any emergency. Fill up when gas tank at 1/2,keep a three day water supply and snacks in car,keep cell phone charged and share a reundevue location for family. Have a survivor radio available. Blankets and First Aid kit in car. Simple things to have a chance to survive.

    1. For a couple days if you’re on east coast. Day 3, looting, home invasions, burning down of anything resembling government or authority, and full arming of all the folks locked up for doing this before, right here for the whole world to see how America Implodes on itself! The Democrat Party Instigated the beginning of a One Party Rule with “No Rules” when they funded Antifa Attack on Federal Buildings in PORTLAND OR, just 2 hrs from my house. Who was in control at that time? GOVERNOR BROWN- A California Democrat Defector- She totally turned her back on Oregonians and Turned Up The Heat on her stock in MGM “The Purge” series of films wasn’t Hollywood aiming to warn you, “IT WAS A CALL TO MINORITIES- COME GET YOUR REPARATIONS!” What you didn’t think “Purging Exists?” I’m White, but I didn’t enslave Blacks- “EUROPEAN SETTLERS BROUGHT THEM HERE BECAUSE THEY WERE TOO LAZY TO WORK THEMSELVES!” Black race revolted and now look who the LAZY RACE WEILDING BIG STICKS IS! Ya woke now?

  2. Here’s a fact most of you probably don’t know that the United States isn’t even mentioned in revelation that means we don’t exist it’s only. The 3rd world countries so whatever wipes us out wipes us out.

    1. Here’s a FACT! Too much attention in America has EXPOSED DANGEROUS POSSIBILITIES TO A Millennial Generation smarter than any this planet has ever seen! They’re aware the “Axis Of Hatred Against USA” was self imposed by our forefathers alright, but not the Founding ForFathers! GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE BIBLE and FACE REAL FACTS! US Government Has Been Dropping Nuclear Atomic Bombs On Innocent 3rd World Countries since 1960! Research what the TRUE MEANING OF …BIKINI means and who turned the word into a Glorifying Display Of Female Flesh? US Government, That’s who! Check how we murdered 300,000 people on a tiny island off the coast of Guam, surrounded the island with ships full of every living creature on earth then dropped Nuclear Atomic Bombs on the island to see the effects of a Nuclear War!
      It’s all on YouTube…do your homework! Ya think this government or any we elect is for “The People?” As Robin Williams would say…”Fo Nuck!! They’re laughing at all of us too dumb lazy or poor to climb the ladder of asslicking with them! So we pay!

  3. I’ve read a lot of the scientific research that has been done on not only this plate but others as well. There is an article from the New Yorker done by a brilliant scientist a couple of years ago about the cascadia that I think everyone should check out. At least everyone it will immediately effect. It is coming but so is Jesus and sooner than anyone is expecting. If you doubt what I am saying stop and take a look around you at how things are in a rapid decline. The pace keeps picking up…. The evil and the violence is escalating out of control.

    1. People have been saying “Jesus Is Coming” for hundreds of years to deter our species from “Reality!” In fact, my wife’s family leads the relentless Megaphone on Televised Services every Sunday across SIN-dicated networks world wide via Honolulu Hawaii, Temple of the Apostolic Faith! Big sign on the tower that looks like a Space Beacon” reads JESUS IS COMING SOON. “The Han Dynasty”, Her mother Ruth McGurn Han, Uncle William “Billy” Han III, and a slew of “SNAKE TONGUE WORSHIPERS” who go off in services spewing loud noises and spasm uncontrollably as if an exorcist is happening!”

      Yes, “Do look around you! The evil you see isn’t any different than it has been through my 57 years of life- What’s Changed Is Government Is Balancing Over-Population On A Global Level Once Again!” They failed to do so with HIV infections, with Covid-19 infections, so now they’re saying Hell with all you Ignorant Humans, Go On And Kill each Other with out our military or police forces intervening in any way!”

      Yes ignorant humans- “Look around you!” What is coming sooner than we hoped isn’t the rebirth of JESUS…”It’s The Extinguishing Of Utter Bullshit In Religion by our youth who are tired of the hypocrisy, lies, and absolute ZERO Common Sense Approach at caring for this planet or its resources so THEY COULD LIVE THEIR LIVES!” You suppressed knowledge from them, created fairy tales panned out to be so bogus you believed them too!” You disrespected their mental strength and restricted their growth naturally by deciding who or what they should be for them!” What you’re seeing is them saying enough is enough!” You’re on your own and we’re not taking care of you!

      Let that sink in to your delusional religious spong

  4. I was in a bush plane with my grandfather on that day I can see it as if I was still there it was Good Friday March 27th at 5:30pm. All the roads were like water, the whole town of Valdez every building, sheds, outhouses, all of it sank all the way up to the rafters, so they relocated, the fishing fleet was everywhere. The biggest tsunami was in the port of Valdez it was 200 feet or just a bit higher. And the quake killed 130 people give or take a couple people. The tsunamis even killed people here in oregon as well as california. That day I was 8 and in a plane. Today Im 8 and one half miles from the beaches in Otis. I was not raised around religion and have not had any use for it, and as I see it, it won’t matter what and or who you pray to or follow or whatever, when this day comes a callin, We all will be schooled by the 1 that doesn’t care about anyone and knows nothing of mercy because she is mad as Hell. One other follows behind her. He is the second surety in life, along side Birth. She is nonother than “Mother Nature”, and the other has come to fill some dates in his leger. He is The Pail Rider himself, DEATH. So pray, chant, whatever it is you do, cuz he never leaves empty handed, because no one can out run him. May it be quick for those who must ride the wild wind!

  5. Fake news! The Giant Turtles that Hold Up the World will save us!

    (Well, they’ll save me. Y’all are fucked.)

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