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The Public Facilities District a NO SHOW for public inspection of books

Public Facilities District

LYNNWOOD, Wash., July 28, 2023—The Lynnwood Times ongoing investigation into the Public Facilities District Board’s alleged unlawful attempt to remove fellow Board member Vivian Dong and allegations of discrimination. The Lynnwood Times notified the PFD Board on Sunday that it will be exercising its right to inspect the Books and Records of the District in […]

Letter-to-Editor: Soft bigotry and racism against the Asian community

dong lynnwood

As a long-term resident of Lynnwood, I have always taken pride in my community’s economic, artistic, and park development, creating a stark contrast to Seattle’s current state. However, recent events have unveiled a disheartening disparity between these developments and the underlying attitudes of some of Lynnwood’s public leadership. The United States has seen a surge […]

The District accuses fellow board member of planning spa protest

vivian dong

LYNNWOOD, Wash., July 12, 2023—In a shocking decision, the Lynnwood Public Facilities District (otherwise known as The District) unanimously approved a vote of no confidence, Tuesday morning, of its newest, and only Asian American member, Vivian Dong, for her support of Olympus Spa — a District business currently entangled in a legal battle regarding a […]

Olympus Spa and Trans rights supporters face off at Event Center

Olympus spa

LYNNWOOD, Wash., June 18, 2023—The highly anticipated rally surrounding the controversial court order against the Olympus Spa policy surronding biological women took place Saturday afternoon at the Lynnwood Event Center. The rally was marked by a significant police presence, as fears of physical confrontation ran high among both protesters and counter-protesters. Nearly 100 pro-female only […]

The District recommends Event Center businesses to close ahead of rallies

lynnwood event center

BY Kienan Briscoe and Jonathan Choe LYNNWOOD, Wash., June 16, 2023—Lynnwood’s “The District” Executive Director, Janet Pope is recommending businesses on the District’s property – located near the Lynnwood Event Center – close Saturday, June 17, in preparation for a scheduled rally by Sovereign Women Speak in support of Olympus Spa. In response, left-wing “anti-fascist” […]

Downtown Lynnwood is getting a new entertainment district

lynnwood district

LYNNWOOD, Wash., February 24, 2023—Big things are coming for the Lynnwood Event Center and surrounding 13-acres of land, as the Public Facilities District (PFD), now called The District, aims to redevelop the downtown core as a live, work, play, entertainment destination for the region. The Master Plan in its current form would include a parking […]

Lynnwood Public Facilities District is renamed The District

the district

LYNNWOOD, Wash., February 14, 2023—The Lynnwood Public Facilities District has changed its name to The District to signifying the beginning of the forward momentum of growth and development for the future. The District will work together with their tenants, team members, local community, and guests of Lynnwood to make a collective impact for the LOVE […]

Love Your New Neighbor sculpture unveiled at Lynnwood Convention Center

love lynnwood

Correction: [1:30 p.m. Mar 7, 2022] The article was updated to correct a reference to former Mayor Smith that should have been attributed to Mayor Frizzell. Correction: [1:30 p.m. Feb 18, 2022] The article was updated from reflect that “Aunt Bette” was Elizabeth Wallace and not Betty Lou Gaeng. LYNNWOOD, Wash., February 17, 2022 – […]

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