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Mukilteo introduces small cell franchises and passes upgrading chamber software

Mukilteo council

MUKILTEO, Wash., March 12, 2022 – Mukilteo City Council passed a new contract with Granicus Inc. to upgrade chamber software, discussed county health trends, an AT&T Small Cell Franchise agreement, and Tom Jordal’s recent appointment to the Port of Everett Redevelopment Working Group at its  meeting Monday, March 7. All of these items were in […]

Mukilteo Council rejects mayor’s DEI Commission picks

MUKILTEO, Wash., March 8, 2022 – Despite Mukilteo Mayor Joe Marine advancing three candidates for DEI commissioner positions, the city council voted against approving them without any explanation nor asking the candidates, all of whom were present, a single interview question. At Council’s meeting Monday, March 7, Diversity Equity and Inclusion Commission candidates Gauri Sanghvi […]

Op-Ed: Mukilteo City Councilmembers don’t get to invent rules to suit themselves

Mike Dixon

I was denied the confirmation vote tonight to the City of Mukilteo Diversity, Equity and Inclusion commission.  Appalled, I asked for an official explanation and have not yet received one. Let me enumerate.  The City Council is empowered by state law to operate within the confines of its City Code.  The Code makes no mention […]

Mukilteo CC selects final four vacancy candidates and talks Outreach and Grants

community outreach

MUKILTEO, Wash., January 19, 2022 – During the Mukilteo City Council January 18th Special Meeting, council members discussed its Community Outreach Engagement Plan, selected four vacancy candidates to move on to the next step in filling the vacant city council seat, and discussed at length the Community Grant Proposal dispute that was made during its […]

Op-Ed: Troubled by WA Board of Health quarantine methods

wa board of health

As a WA citizen and the son of survivors of 1930’s Germany who’s entire family line on my father’s side was wiped out, I am very troubled for my children by the language of WAC 246-100-070 and allowing local health officers to use law enforcement to detain a person or group of persons to be […]

Mukilteo City Council gets new faces, new leadership, and revisits a past bill

mukilteo council

MUKILTEO, Wash., January 5, 2022 – The City of Mukilteo’s Jan 3 City Council Regular Meeting began with the swearing-in of the mayor, three city council members, and two firefighters. The council members also discussed their process to fill their vacant position. The meeting ended with the decision to reconsider the passing of Bill 20-103, […]

Mukilteo City Council confirms Kara Johnson as City Clerk

kara johnson

Mukilteo, Wash., December 20, 2021 – At today’s Special Meeting, the city council voted 3-1 to confirm Kara Johnson as the city’s new City Clerk/Records Management Specialist. Councilman Khan was the dissenting vote as he wanted a full council in attendance to vote on filling the vacancy. The salary range for the position is between […]

Mukilteo approves its $15.8M 2022 budget and fee schedule

2022 mukilteo budget

MUKILTEO, Wash., November 23, 2021 – In a 6-1 vote, the Mukilteo City Council approved ordinance 1455, adopting 2022 city budget ($15.8 million General Fund portion) during a special meeting held Monday, November 22. The total 2022 Mukilteo Budget, including General Funds, Capital Funds, Propriety Funds and Internal Service is $40 million. The decision was […]

Mukilteo delays 2022 budget passage another week

mukilteo budget

MUKILTEO, Wash., November 20, 2021 – After an over five-hour discussion stretching past midnight, exhausted council members agreed to delay the approval of the 2022 preliminary annual Mukilteo Budget another week, despite the plan to finalize and approve at their Monday meeting, November 15.  The following 2022 Mukilteo Budget proposals were approved by council during […]

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