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Federal judge strikes down California’s assault rifle ban, what this could mean for Washington?

assault rifle ban

WASHINGTON D.C., October 24, 2023—U.S. District Court Judge Roger Benitez struck down California’s assault rifle ban October 19 which prohibits the sale, transfer, manufacturing, and possession of specific semi-automatic weapons, writing the ban was unconstitutional, “extreme”, and had “no historical pedigree.” “Like the Bowie Knife which was commonly carried by citizens and soldiers in the […]

Legislature passes bill holding firearm industry liable for gun violence

gun violence

OLYMPIA, Wash., April 14, 2023—The Washington State Legislature passed a today bill that requires gun manufacturers and dealers take “reasonable controls” to prevent their products from getting into the hands of dangerous individuals or be liable for gun violence. The bill now heads to Governor Jay Inslee’s desk to be signed into law. “Reasonable controls” […]

Assault Weapons Ban resolution fails Lynnwood City Council vote

Lynnwood assault weapons

LYNNWOOD, Wash., April 12, 2023—Passions flare at Monday’s city council meeting surrounding a resolution proposed to support SHB-1240, a bill prohibiting the statewide manufacture, sale, and import of firearms classified by the Washington Legislature as “assault weapons.” “I move Lynnwood City Council Resolution 2023-02, a Resolution in support of SHB-1240 an act relating to establishing […]

Kamiak students join nationwide walkout to protest gun violence

gun violence

MUKILTEO, Wash., April 11, 2023—Hundreds of Kamiak High School students joined thousands throughout Washington State who walked out of school on April 5, to protest against gun violence. The walk-out, organized by student-run group Kamiak Demands Action, took place at noon local time and lasted for approximately 30 minutes. The statewide protest was part of […]

Assault weapons ban passes Senate, heads back to House for vote

assault weapons

OLYMPIA, Wash., April 9, 2023—The Senate passed sweeping legislation on Saturday afternoon, April 8, classifying 61 firearms as “assault weapons” to be banned within Washington state. The bill now heads back to the House for a vote on three Senate-proposed amendments, before it is sent to Governor Jay Inslee to be signed into law. House […]

Lawmakers tackle new gun laws to mitigate state gun violence

new gun laws

OLYMPIA, Wash., February 9, 2023—With the start of Washington’s 2023 Legislative Session on January 9, lawmakers are considering new firearm restriction laws in an effort to combat gun violence.  Of these proposed bills, HB-1240 would ban the sale of military-style assault weapons, HB-1144 would enhance the requirements for firearm purchases and transfers, and SB-5078 would […]

Bill to restrict sale of high-capacity magazines signed into law

high-capacity magazines

OLYMPIA, Wash., March 23, 2022 – Legislation to limit the sale of high-capacity firearm magazines was signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee today. Senate Bill 5078, sponsored by Sen. Marko Liias (D-Everett), prohibits the manufacture, sale, import or transfer of large-capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. The law does not […]

House passes Sen. Liias bill to restrict high-capacity magazines

high-capacity magazines

OLYMPIA, Wash., March 5, 2022 – In a late-night session, legislation to restrict the sale of high-capacity firearm magazines was approved by the Washington House of Representatives on a 55-42 vote Friday with no Republican support. Senate Bill 5078, sponsored by Sen. Marko Liias (D-Everett), prohibits the manufacture, sale, import or transfer of large-capacity magazines […]

Firearm professionals speak about legislation banning high-capacity magazines

high-capacity magazines

OLYMPIA, Wash., February 27, 2022 – In an effort to tackle gun violence and strengthen public safety, the state Senate passed legislation – SB5078, Feb. 9 that bans the sale of high-capacity magazines – anything over 10 rounds – but doesn’t prohibit the use of high-capacity firearms already in possession. “High-capacity magazines make it easy […]

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