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Eggs-plore auction raises money for local non-profits

Lynnwood Times photo by Luke Putvin. Arts Commission at Eggs-plore auction on June 13. Left to right; Robert Gutcheck, Lynn Hanson, Raniere, Elizabeth Lunsford, Barry Miller and Fred Wong.

By Luke Putvin luke.putvin@lynnwoodtimes.com Over 100 people attended the Eggs-plore auction at City Hall on June 13. Among those in attendance included Mayor Nicola Smith, Council Vice President Christine Frizzell, Councilmember Ruth Ross and City Council Candidates Naz Lashgari, Nick Coelho and Ashkan Amouzegar. “I want the community to have the sense that art is […]

Eggs-plore Artist Feature: Dave Bloomfield


By Luke Putvin luke.putvin@lynnwoodtimes.com “Art is super integral in my life. I probably don’t have an exactly healthy ‘art and life balance,’” Eggs-plore artist Dave Bloomfield said. Bloomfield has been interested in art since he was a child. “All the kids in my neighborhood would get together and draw sometimes,” he began, “I just kept […]

Eggs-plore Artist Feature: Brandon Ringstad


By Luke Putvin luke.putvin@lynnwoodtimes.com Ringstad is a marine biologist from Snohomish, and he titled his egg “EGG-citing Encounters.” Getting into art as a kid, Ringstad took a few high school art classes and won several awards. Beyond that, he is self-taught. Ringstad has many family members who are artists, so it was only natural that […]

Eggs-plore artist reception and egg auction is June 13

Overall, approximately 400 people participated in the 2019 eggs-plore egg hunt. The number of participants was about the same as last year, but more people this year found all the eggs. Fred Wong, Community Programs Coordinator, said that while the plan is not finalized yet, he wants to host Eggs-plore every five years when the […]

Eggs-plore Artist: Lynn Hanson

Lynn Hanson

by LUKE PUTVINluke.putvin@lynnwoodtimes.com “Viking Fowl” is located at Chick-fil-A. Lynn Hanson is not only an artist but a gallery owner. Lynn Hanson Gallery, a contemporary art gallery, is located in Pioneer Square. She is also a member of the Lynnwood Arts Commission and co-president for Art Walk Edmonds. “My life is surrounded with art,” she […]

Eggs-plore Artist: Amanda DeSilver

Amanda DeSilver

by LUKE PUTVINluke.putvin@lynnwoodtimes.com Amanda DeSilver’s “High C/120 DB” is located at Trinity Lutheran Church on 196th Avenue. Primarily a landscape painter that uses acrylic on canvas, Amanda also enjoys incorporating printmaking and mixed-media into her work. “I love trying new techniques,” she said. She has been drawing and painting since she was young, and she […]

Eggs-plore Artist Feature

Eggs-plore Logo

by LUKE PUTVIN Kelly Shipp Kelly Shipp’s “Hatching Harold” is located at KidsPark, a day care center on Alderwood Mall parkway. “For me, I think art is community. It’s a way of expressing a feeling or an idea, and sharing that with others,” Shipp said. Shipp always doodled and sketched, but in 2013 she got […]

Eggs-plore Lynnwood

Lynnwood egg treasure hunt location. Courtesy of Lynnwood Arts Commission and the Lynnwood Parks & Recreation Foundation

For an egg-erific time Eggs-plore Lynnwood is still going strong, and the event itself continues until May 5. You can sign up on your mobile device by going to http://www.EggsLynnwood.com, or you can pick up a paper map with a list of locations at the Lynnwood Recreation Center.   As of now, approximately 300 people have […]

Eggs-plore Lynnwood

Lynnwood egg treasure hunt location. Courtesy of Lynnwood Arts Commission and the Lynnwood Parks & Recreation Foundation

City-wide egg hunt kicks off by Luke Putvinluke.putvin@lynnwoodtimes.com EGGS-plore Lynnwood is an event occurring throughout Lynnwood until May 5. Anyone can hunt for these eggs and collect them using their cell phone app. The event itself is free and the Lynnwood Arts Commission is randomly giving away prizes to the egg hunters. Some business locations […]

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