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Your August 2022 horoscope

lynnwood horoscope

August is traditionally the “travel and vacation” month, although there are some heavy planetary hitters around that could be affecting things for those lucky enough to escape (or be stuck in) the heat of the moment. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter all touch on Leo (a “Fire” Sign) this month. So, they could be adding […]

Your July 2022 horoscope

Lynnwood Horoscope

This month starts by running on from a powerful New Moon in Cancer event that occurred towards the end of June. This follow-through could be witnessed by many individuals – specifically females – as both the Moon and Cancer are feminine Signs, ruling feminine things. Therefore, taking on environmental or social justice issues that need […]

Your June 2022 horoscope

Lynnwood Horoscope

The month of June was originally named after the Roman goddess Juno, previously known to the ancient Greeks as Hera. She was said to be the goddess of women, marriage, childbirth, children, and family. It’s not such a surprise to know therefore that June is the biggest month in the year for marriages. It’s especially […]

Your April 2022 horoscope

lynnwood horoscope

With the world being such a challenging place these days – what with Covid, social divisions, very real threats of global warming and international hostilities leading to terrible wars and conflicts – it’s very easy for us to feel depressed, hopeless, and seemingly powerless to do anything to change things. At such times, the story […]

Your March 2022 horoscope

lynnwood horoscope

Although it’s hard to believe that the world is going in a positive direction right now, astrology does have some optimistic things to say about it this March. The trickster energy, symbolized by the planet Uranus, may still have some surprises in store for us of course. However, with March kicking off with a New […]

Your February 2022 horoscope

lynnwood horoscope

Understandably, many people do not take astrology seriously. They will read their “Stars” in the media and if something said there doesn’t happen, then they will not have any confidence in it. “Prediction” is one of the worst tags associated with astrology, and prediction is one of the hardest things to do – especially in […]

Your January 2022 horoscope

lynnwood horoscope

Throughout 2019, astrologers everywhere were talking about a major turning point for the world, with conjunction of Saturn to the powerful Pluto in Capricorn in January 2020. No one knew exactly what this would be, but they definitely knew something very big was about to start at that time. Now two years later – following […]

Your December 2021 horoscope

lynnwood horoscope

December kicks off our fantasies this month, when the mystical planet, Neptune, turns direct on the 1st of the month. So, this is a great time for some to move forward to possibly achieve those previously blocked or unrealized wishes or dreams. On the 4th with have a Total Solar Eclipse, in Sagittarius, which offers […]

Your November 2021 horoscope

lynnwood horoscope

It’s probably a relief to get the “Mercury Retrograde” thing out of the way in an otherwise undoubtedly eventful October. But I have to say November could well have a few surprises in store for you too. The planetary energies of Uranus and Pluto will be having a say this month. Uranus – often known […]

Your October 2021 horoscope

lynnwood horoscope

Welcome to your October 2021 horoscope by Tony White! If you’ve survived the “Mercury retrograde” period so far and feel that your equipment, communications, contractual arrangements and travel plans may still be under threat, then you’ll be happy to know that Mercury finally turns “Direct” on the 18th of this month. But be cautious, as […]

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